About Dr. Sandra Clark

Dr. Clark has been providing psychological services for over 25 years. She provides assessment, treatment, and consultation services to children and adolescents.   She also provides support to parents around a number of issues including parenting and behaviour management.  Dr. Clark’s specialty is in providing comprehensive psychological assessments that evaluate multiple factors of cognition, learning, social and emotional development, and parenting and family issues.  Her area of expertise is in the assessment and treatment of anxiety disorders, including phobias and OCD.   Her work is based primarily on cognitive-behavioural therapy as well as mindfulness-based approaches.

Dr. Clark was a staff psychologist at B.C. Children’s Hospital for over 25 years, where she provided services to children and teens with mental health issues.  She did presentations and education for physicians, teachers, counselors, parents, and others on anxiety disorders and the impact on family and school functioning.  She is the co-author of the Taming Worry Dragons treatment program for anxiety.

Koa and Bailey and Dr ClarkThe guiding principles of Dr. Clark’s work include providing services that are based on current relevant research, best practice standards, goodness-of-fit, and she believes that a supportive, understanding, and collaborative relationship with clients is essential.

Bailey, who has been a regular addition to her office, has now retired. Koa is a new addition who you will see from time-to-time as she is still “in training” to assist in providing therapeutic support to clients. She is in a cage and only will only come out when and if children and teens want. She is non-shedding and hypo-allergenic.